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Start texting on Car Wars Tracking Lines Today

  • Customers can now text any of your dealership lines for instant access to someone who can help.

    Creating a text-friendly dealership not only improves the customer experience, it also helps you drive more leads and achieve faster sales.


more appointments

Book More Appointments

Americans make five times as many texts as phone calls. With Car Wars Texting, customers will feel more comfortable reaching out with questions. Sales agents can easily text back to book firm appointments to answer those questions in-person.

break the mold

Break the Mold

Car Wars Texting is cutting edge. The first adopters of this new technology will get a huge leg up on the competition.

crm integration

CRM Management Integration

Car Wars has already taken the lead on pushing texting conversations into DealerSocket and Elead. As soon as a text is answered or claimed, the text exchange shares to the CRM.

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