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Pay attention to quality calls over quantity. Just because your agents are answering doesn't mean they are executing.

  • The fastest and easiest way for dealers to increase the bottom line is to get better on the phone. Exceptional phone skills are what set a dealership apart from the competition

    Car Wars enforces a simple but effective philosophy that includes all the essential elements of a successful phone regimen: Connecting, Requesting, Inviting, Setting and Pursuing (CRISP).

When each agent becomes CRISP Certified, it means that they are confident phone experts that can be trusted to seize every possible opportunity.

C - Connect

Make picking up the phone a priority and never leave a caller stranded.

Connecting your calls is the first step toward bringing in new, valuable customers into the dealership. Phone calls are 3x more likely to convert than any other lead but statistics show that 39% of calls into dealerships aren't answered by a qualified employee. Meaning, more likely than not, potential deals are being hung up on the line 60% of the time.

R/I - Request/Invite

Request the appointment on every call and invite the caller into the dealership for an in-person meeting.

If a prospect is calling you, he or she is interested in potentially buying a car. Regardless of whether you think callers will or will not choose your dealership, give them the option to come in and see what you have to offer.

CRISP screenshot

S - Set

Agree to a specific date and time and then confirm with a reminder.

Avoid "soft acceptances", which are when a prospect agrees to come in, but doesn't specify when, or responds vaguely with a time.

P- Pursue

Reach out to established customers and new leads, rescue stranded calls and save missed appointment opportunities.

More outbound calls means more inbound prospects and more deals.

Combining your Car Wars results with the CRISP program leads to:

  • Boosted appointment booking percentages.
  • More phone ups walking through the door.
  • Improved dealership phone culture.
  • Optimal phone skill performance.

Want to be CRISP certified? Give us a call.