"This is how we're going to become more successful."

Sean Hodges General Sales Manager

Two words immediately come to mind when speaking about the folks at Honda Cars of Rockwall: bright and energetic.

Like the other 7 groups that earned the right to battle in Grudge Match II, Honda Cars of Rockwall displays a fiery commitment to maximizing the phone's power. If it weren't for a small margin of just a couple of points, the Rockwall team's hard work would've seen them through round 1 of the tournament.

Sean Hodges, General Sales Manager at Honda Rockwall, embodies the store's passion and exuberance. He simply won't let us forget the small margin by which Honda Cars of Rockwall was eliminated. "We talked about [Grudge Match II] in every sales meeting: where we were at, what our standings were and what we could do to increase and get better," he says.

Prior to Grudge Match II, Hodges tells us that everyone at Honda Cars of Rockwall, from managers to sales agents, was well-versed in Car Wars. His store does spiff awards for outstanding performance and this encourages everyone to stay up-to-date on Car Wars data.

Hodges feels Car Wars is the right tool to easily illustrate the phone weaknesses of sales staff. Hodges described Car Wars and CRISP data as the ideal "snapshot" of how his sales team is performing.

Management doesn't waste any time acting on the information these snapshots reveal. If issues are uncovered, the group looks to resolve things quickly. Hodges says, "If there's a problem, [we] stop, dissect it and go."

For everyone at Honda Cars of Rockwall, the takeaway has been simple: the higher the points, the clearer it is that sales agents are plugged in, requesting appointments and generally Owning the Phones.

Grudge Match was a solid opportunity to test the store's modified phone routing system. Previously, the store experienced a few too many cases of calls being transferred to unavailable agents. Prospects were kept on hold, and essentially left stranded.

With the help of Car Wars, management has looked to nip this in the bud. Now, if calls aren't answered quickly, they're routed directly to a manager. Glen Allen, New Cars Sales Manager at the dealership, agrees that this is a phone version of a manager take-over.

Allen added that it was unusual to post big sales number in April...but that's just what his team accomplished. He says his group already reaps the benefits of a small, but significant phone change. "This is how we're going to become more successful."

It's clear to see that pride and performance are high priorities for this group. The Grudge Match II loss was a bitter pill to swallow, but we're sure that given ANY other week, this group would have come up with a victory.

Honda Cars of Rockwall will use Grudge Match II as an opportunity to retool and move forward with an increased focus on growing their aggressive atmosphere, as well as continuing to streamline their phone system and phone skills.

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