"Accountability and activity is directly tied to how many cars they sell. If they have a slow month, they don't have to look far to see why."

Steve LeSueur Sales Manager

Lesueur Car Company is Not Your Typical Auto Dealership.

For one, it's been family owned and operated since 1975. General Manager Kris LeSueur oversees a small but tightknit group, comprised mostly of family.

Secondly, the LeSueur guys have a unique, laid-back, surfer vibe. It's not uncommon to see staff in t-shirts, longboarding across the showroom floor.

While you'd think they were casual about answering the phones, you'd be dead wrong. Since getting on Car Wars, they've become serious experts in applying CRISP - a philosophy that includes all the critical elements of a successful phone regimen: Connecting, Requesting, Inviting, Setting and Pursuing.

Dominating the CRISP Metrics

LeSueur has seen the most improvement in Request, where their numbers have simply skyrocketed - LeSueur has gone from asking for the appointment 42% of the time, to 86% of the time.

Steven LeSueur says, "I love seeing the individual results of how people are doing on the phone. Accountability and activity is directly tied to how many cars they sell. If they have a slow month, they don't have to look far to see why."

During LeSueur's first full month on Car Wars, they set 62 firm appointments and 84 soft appointments. If we assume about 50% of prospects show up for a firm appointment, this is equivalent to about 31 prospects coming into the dealership.

In the same amount of time, LeSueur recently booked 142 firm appointments and 164 soft appointments. That's 2.3x more firm appointments and 40 additional prospects coming into the store. This kind of improvement is simply mind-blowing.

Riley Price, a sales team member at LeSueur says, "I didn't really focus on setting the firm appointment before [Car Wars and the Grudge Match II competition]. It's helped me to have a main goal in a conversation."

He adds, "I mean, [a customer is] calling you to find out about a car. If you just offer to call them back, that's all wrong. You can't put the ball in their court."

CRISP metrics help dealers benchmark their progress on the phone. With CRISP, a store doesn't have to get tons of incoming calls or execute tons of outgoing calls in order to achieve phone-handling success.

Have a Plan

LeSueur's marked improvement is proof that any store can leverage the phone and book more appointments. You don't need a fancy BDC, a huge staff with lots of experience, or a specific kind of work culture to foster change. What you need is a dedicated team, and a roadmap, like CRISP, to show you which phone-handling tweaks have the most impact.

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