"Before we got on Car Wars, I thought we were better at setting the appointment!"

Jose Lazo General Sales Manager

South Dade Toyota is located some 45 minutes south of Miami, in Homestead, Florida. Jose Lazo, Internet Sales & BDC Director says, "There is nothing south of us...unless you're headed to the Keys."

As customers come in and out of the store, there's a fluid mix of English and Spanish conversation. Cuban coffee breaks are an office-wide ritual that brings staff together. Lazo says, "I tell them, 'I see you more than I see my family.' We fight like a family, but then 20 minutes later, there's love."

It's clear that South Dade's strong sense of community and togetherness is good for business - especially when it comes to handling calls.

South Dade's team worked hard at mastering CRISP phone skills before the tournament began. CRISP stands for Connect, Request, Invite, Set and Pursue.

When asked about his team's skills before Grudge Match, Lazo replied, "Honestly, I thought we were better outside of Grudge Match...until we got the numbers."

South Dade showed massive improvement in the Request category, partly due to some ingenious tactics. As a reminder to Request the appointment on every incoming call, South Dade management installed a unique whisper on every line that went, "Car Wars Call...ask for appointment."

South Dade agents were requesting appointments about 42% of the time before the tournament started. However, by round 1 the team was asking for the appointment 69% of the time. By round 3, they hit top gear and were executing 82% of the time.

What was the result of this Request improvement? South Dade confirmed 5 firm and 28 soft appointments one week prior to the tournament. After the team ramped up performance they were able to confirm about 5x more firm appointments each week of Grudge Match II. They confirmed about the same number of soft appointments week to week.

By the end of the tournament, South Dade stood out most in Pursue, with an exceptional score of 17.6. South Dade used Grudge Match II as an opportunity to perfect 2 Pursue efforts. One involved designating a staffer to essentially live in Car Wars, and follow-up immediately on incoming calls that weren't connected.

The 2nd Pursue effort involved service center prospecting. The team would monitor calls coming-in and identify possible prospects. They would follow-up and see if an individual was interested in a purchasing a new vehicle

Lazo has helped instill a culture that is more proactive than reactive about the phone. All staff, including the receptionists, are skilled in navigating and interpreting call data. Agents keep the Lead Box feature open at all times in order to see missed opportunity alerts. Lazo doesn't even have to review calls himself, as his staff is well-trained in the procedure.

Lazo is a humble guy: "I take none of the credit. The credit goes to my team. I've just been trying to make it fun." Lazo and General Manager Boris Lopez should in fact take a bit of credit. Top management, combined with a harmonious culture and steadfast phone training, saw this store grow each round of Grudge Match II, and ultimately walk away victorious.

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