6 Phone Trends Top-Performing Dealers Are Leveraging for Success in 2024

In this highly anticipated annual webinar originally hosted on Automotive News, Car Wars reveals the top six phone trends of 2023 and which trends dealers need to zero in on in 2024 to remain competitive. Hosted by Car Wars' Brett Spelker and Andrew Hawkins, the two phone handling experts highlight proven best practices that will make an immediate impact on dealer success in the new year.

Compiling data and phone metrics from thousands of dealerships across the U.S. and Canada, this on-demand webinar will arm you with the facts you need to compare your own outcomes from 2023 with other dealers and uncover distinct areas of improvement. Furthermore, Brett and Andrew reveal tactics they've seen firsthand reverse downward trends and significantly improve a dealership's bottom line.

Why Should I Watch?

Uncover the six phone trends dealers need to know from 2023 to excel in the new year.
Walk away with proven tactics to reverse downward phone trends and make an immediate impact on your bottom line.
Compare your own dealership's phone metrics with industry averages to determine prime areas of focus.
Learn why the phone continues to be the most critical tool at a dealership's disposal to gain a competitive edge.

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Andrew joined Car Wars in 2015 and has worn multiple hats during his time at Car Wars. He enjoys finding innovative solutions to help dealers not only Own the Phone, but also reduce turnover at dealerships. In his free time, he likes playing music and reading.

Brett has 6 years of experience with Car Wars in phone process consulting in the Northeast region. He has helped groups like McGovern, VIP, Paul Miller, Empire and Atlantic achieve tangible improvements to their phone process and performance, in both Variable and Fixed Operations. After spending the previous year in the BI & Analytics space, he brings a fresh perspective on how to best leverage data and analytics to monetize a phone solution.