8 Ways To Get
More Appointments from the Phone
Dealerships receive between 35-200 appointment opportunities a week.

However, due to poor phone lead management, agents failing to log calls in CRM, or unfamiliarity with where to look, these potential revenue opportunities slip through the cracks.

Car Wars and VinSolutions' integration helps dealers manage their work flow out of one location. When you leverage Car Wars alongside VinSolutions, you can improve agent phone accountability, and capitalize on the leads you're already driving to your dealership.

In our 30-minute webinar, learn:

8 tangible ways to book more appointments
Best practices for connecting callers
Activity reports to hold your staff accountable to tasks in CRM
How to effectively pursue and track outbound calls
Where to find your hottest leads
How to capture leads when a customer record doesn't exist or the call hasn't been logged
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