Back to Basics: High-Performing Dealers Focus on the Fundamentals

With the current state of the automotive industry, dealers find themselves up against an array of new challenges. Inventory shortages, high staff turnover, and extraordinary demand for Service are forcing dealerships to pivot their strategies to remain on top of the ever-changing market. And most dealers agree that the market will continue to evolve, which makes it critical to get back to the basics of call management, ongoing staff training, and customer service skills.

In this on-demand webinar originally hosted on Automotive News, Brandon Bingham, General Manager and Partner at Arrowhead BMW, will join Car Wars' Chief Revenue Officer, Cassie Broemmer, for an exclusive interview. Bingham will discuss his take on the current automotive market, staff training models and tools he's found most effective, processes he relies on for phone management, marketing strategies and trends to watch for in 2023, and more. The discussion will center on a distinctive trend of getting back to the fundamentals — which starts with the phone.

In this FREE on-demand webinar, you'll learn:

Why top dealers are emphasizing the fundamentals of call management to overcome common market challenges.
Emerging marketing and advertising trends that drive results for top dealers in every department.
How to foster a culture of phone accountability for your team and implement effective training models.
Proven outbound strategies to help end your year strong, despite low vehicle inventories.

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