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Lead Linda calls two competing dealers about a vehicle she’s interested in. She doesn’t commit to coming into either one and what happens next depends on the dealers’ follow up. Read below to find out who gets her business.
Lead Linda gets connected with Salesman Sam.
Lead Linda never gets assigned in CRM, as Salesman Sam doesn’t log the call and his manager isn’t going into the phone bucket.
Much needed follow up tasks for Salesman Sam are never created and the lead is lost in CRM.
As Sam’s manager never checks the phone bucket, there is no accountability for follow up.
Ultimately, the lead is lost as there was no real record of the call at the dealership other than Salesman Sam’s memory.
The value of that very expensive phone call is wasted, as Linda is now at the dealership down the street picking out her new car.
Lead Linda gets connected with Agent Adam.
Lead Linda gets assigned to Agent Adam in CRM via Voice Recognition.
Manager Mike goes into the phone bucket and sees Lead Linda assigned to Agent Adam.
Manager Mike is always on top of checking the phone bucket. This ensures his staff is on top of their calls and that nothing is slipping through the cracks.
Manager Mike logs the call, and follow up tasks for Lead Linda are created in CRM.
This allows for continued communication with her from Agent Adam and involvement of the management team.
With clearly laid out follow up tasks in CRM, Agent Adam continues to pursue Lead Linda and is able to get her into the dealership with a firm appointment.
One of these paths results in a lost lead, while the other represents a potential sale. Which path do leads at your dealership usually follow?
If it’s the one on the lefttop, utilize this checklist to improve your phone lead management:
doneEnsure you have a system in place to get all phone leads logged in CRM.
  • Call Claim assigns calls by prompting salesmen to enter their phone codes at the beginning of a call.
  • Voice Recognition automatically assigns calls by recognizing the voices of your staff.
doneEach day, your dealership’s phone bucket should be entirely cleaned out.
  • All calls should be assigned and logged at the end of the day.
doneUse Open in CRM from any Car Wars alert or when listening to a call to see if the call is logged in CRM.
doneMake appointment confirmation calls to increase your dealership’s show rate.
doneListen to calls to hold your people accountable to how they handle the phone.
doneMake sure your Sales staff are completing their tasks in CRM.
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