National Dealer Group Leverages Cloud Phone System to Realize Immense Savings
How a National Dealer Group cut costs by breaking their existing two-year contract and switching to GoTo's powerful cloud phone system.

A national dealer group with ten locations had over a year left on their existing phone system contract. Even though they weren't actively looking to make a change, a conversation with Car Wars led them to realize they would save money by breaking their existing contract and switching to GoTo's cloud phone system. The national dealer group recognized the cloud phone system provided advanced features and increased efficiencies their antiquated phone system could not. Discover their seamless transition to a reliable cloud phone system and how turning to Car Wars maximized their savings.

This case study presents:

  • Common challenges a top dealership group faced with their existing phone system before switching to GoTo's cloud phone system through Car Wars
  • How a cloud phone system's additional features provided a better caller experience and increased call connection
  • The seamless transition and hands-on installation GoTo and Car Wars provided
  • How the Car Wars and GoTo integration allowed their stores to easily manage all phone numbers and call routing within a single interface
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