The Top 5 Call Connection Trends Affecting Your Dealership's Bottom Line

Connecting your dealership's phone calls is the first step toward bringing in new, valuable customers. Promptly connecting callers to someone who can help is a fundamental phone skill directly tied to your bottom line yet is often overlooked or misunderstood. Did you know the average dealership leaves 409 callers unconnected every month? Those are valuable leads that dealers are letting slip through the cracks.

In this FREE data study, Car Wars compiles top call connection trends from 2020 to 2022 by analyzing thousands of dealerships' phone metrics. The study describes what "connect" really means, offers strategies to improve call connection, and shares why you should focus on improving this metric at your dealership.

In this comprehensive data study, you'll discover:

doneThe difference between a connected call and an answered call
doneFive common trends dealerships see that affect their call connection rates
doneTop reasons for unconnected calls
doneTips to improve your dealership's call connection rates
doneWhy call connection matters
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