The 6 Defining Automotive Phone Trends of 2020
and the Impact on Your Dealership in 2021

Like most industries, automotive dealerships were dramatically impacted by the effects of COVID-19 in 2020. In fact, most dealerships are still adjusting to the new norm of car buying in such a volatile business environment. In doing so, one tool in particular is now being relied on more than ever to maintain strong sales, capture more leads, and achieve top-notch customer experience — the phone.

In this exclusive data study, Car Wars compiles comprehensive phone trends by analyzing nearly 700 million inbound and outbound phone calls from more than 3,000 dealerships across North America. The resulting study presents the six defining automotive phone trends of 2020 when compared to 2019, shares specific data points to evaluate how your dealership's phone metrics stack up to industry averages, and offers straightforward recommendations to improve your phone handling and capture more revenue in 2021.

In this in-depth study, you'll discover:

doneThe top 6 phone trends observed in 2020 after reviewing more than 3,000 dealerships' phone metrics
doneThe impact COVID-19 had on dealerships' phone processes and performance
doneHow your dealership's phone metrics stack up against the competition
doneTransparent data to make informed decisions regarding where to allocate time and resources
doneActionable steps to achieve ongoing improvement to your phone handling in 2021
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