[DATA STUDY] How the Rise in Service Departments Impacts the Phone

Battle margin compression by better understanding how to handle your phone leads. Utilizing your marketing budget more effectively is more important than ever as costs continue to rise, so knowing how to handle leads — as well as ensuring your ads are driving quality leads — are both critical pieces for your success.

Join Teresa Bordenet and Dan Moore, two Marketing and phone handling experts at Digital Dealer. At their session, “Do More With What You Have: Leverage the Phones to Combat Margin Compression,” Bordenet and Moore will uncover best practices ranging from holding vendors and Sales staff accountable.

During the session:

Learn how to implement a process at your dealership that ensures every caller is reaching someone who can help.
Understand the importance of attribution and gain insight into where your leads are coming from.
Establish a procedure for making the most of outbound calls and learn how to aim for quality, not quantity.
Schedule a meeting with a Car Wars representative during the event to learn how to combat marginal compression and get a free pair of Car Wars socks:

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Senior Director of Business Development
Car Wars

Teresa ran the business development and sales divisions at Showroom Logic / PureCars prior to joining Car Wars as senior director of business development. She has also held leadership positions at Oracle, Who's Calling, Inc., and Telmetrics Inc. With almost two decades in the automotive industry, she is passionate about fusing technology and people to help dealers improve revenue and retention.


As President of VistaDash, Dan Moore draws on extensive experience in marketing and leadership that gives him a unique perspective on automotive and brand marketing. Being a big idea thinker and strategist with boots-on-the-ground experience at the dealership has given him an excellent reputation in the auto industry.