GA4 Series
Driving Growth with GA4:
Fuel Your Dealership's Bottom Line & Phone Management Processes

As many are aware, Google made a significant transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on July 1st, 2023. GA4 offers valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, empowering dealers to make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing strategies. Gaining a deep understanding of these insights is crucial. By establishing a clear comprehension of the data provided by GA4 and how it seamlessly integrates with other software in your tech stack, you will unlock the full potential of GA4 and harness its capabilities to drive success in marketing endeavors.

Join Car Wars' Curtis Batsel and Sammy Haddad in the first webinar of our GA4 series. This series includes three unique webinars with different topics, hosts, and dates! Sign up for just one or all three!

In this on-demand webinar, Curtis and Sammy will delve into the intricacies of GA4 and explore what's new compared to Google Analytics' predecessors. They will take a deep dive into what customized reporting is available for dealers and how to properly analyze the data for actionable next steps.

After this FREE webinar, you'll walk away with:

A clear understanding of what GA4 is and the differences from Universal Analytics
The customized reporting available for dealers for improved phone handling
How to evaluate your marketing budget and return efficiently through GA4
How to measure engagement and conversions through GA4 events

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Curtis joined Car Wars in March 2018. He has been leading the Client Success team for 3 years, and their sole mission is to help dealers uncover more value from Car Wars. When he's not helping dealers own the phone, you can find him hiking with his wife and 4 kids or trying to find the best sushi spot nearby.

Sammy Haddad has more than eight years of experience in the automotive industry. He joined Car Wars in March of 2022 as a Client Success Consultant and enjoys helping dealers optimize their call management processes and outcomes to improve their bottom lines. He is based out of Washington D.C but works with clients all throughout the Northeast.