How Getting Straight A's
Can Solve Your RV Dealership's Biggest Performance Gaps

RV dealers have recently faced a variety of new challenges: labor and inventory shortages, price increases in raw materials, rise in labor costs, and supply chain issues. While continuously facing new challenges, the phone continues to ring. Learn to make the phone an asset instead of letting it negatively impact your customers' journey.

In this webinar, Car Wars' Teresa Bordenet and Tyler von Richter will discuss the power of straight A's and how your dealership can be at the top of your class by leveraging the phone. Despite the obstacles, RV sales have hit record highs over the past few years. Learn how achieving straight A's — attribution, allocation, accountability, aftermath — can solve the biggest gaps in your dealership's performance, while driving retention and revenue.

After watching this FREE webinar, you'll walk away knowing:

Where to attribute the success of your campaigns and what mediums are working
How to allocate your marketing budget to get the biggest ROI
How to measure your success and stay accountable to ensure there aren't any holes in the consumer experience
How to control the aftermath of your campaigns and where to create repeatable actions and processes
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Teresa ran the Business Development and Sales Divisions at Showroom Logic / PureCars prior to joining Car Wars as Senior Director of Business Development. She has also held leadership positions at Oracle, Who's Calling, Inc., and Telmetrics Inc.

With two decades in the automotive industry, she is passionate about taking what she's learned and applying it in the RV space. She's excited about fusing technology, people, and processes to help dealers improve revenue and retention.

Tyler is the Director of Sales at Car Wars. Prior to joining Car Wars, Tyler worked in the sports industry as a writer for SB Nation and TV/Radio commentator. He has worked with dealers in the auto and RV industries for nearly a decade now, but his passion is in the RV space.

His passion is building partnerships with RV dealers who share a common goal, improve processes with people and simplified technology, and help dealers improve revenue and retention.