Data-Backed Series
5 Marketing KPI's To Track + How to Boost Your Dealership's Results

Many dealers are blind to what is happening over the phone, especially regarding call outcomes. Every call coming into your dealership may cost you thousands of marketing dollars. Without adequately measuring your campaign results, you could be wasting money on underperforming sources and missing out on high-performing campaigns.

Watch Car Wars' Daniel Huckabee and Clint Byers in the second webinar of our data-backed series. This series includes three unique webinars with different topics and hosts! Car Wars analysts researched thousands of automotive dealerships to discover shocking data and tactics for improved marketing and phone performance at your dealership.

In this on-demand webinar, Daniel and Clint will zero in on your dealership's five most important marketing KPIs to measure and why. They will also provide actionable tips to see a boost in your KPI measurements. By buckling down on these key metrics, you will see improved call connection rates and increased ROI, as well as gain a clear understanding of what marketing lines generate the highest quality leads.

After this FREE webinar, you'll walk away knowing:

The top marketing KPIs your dealership needs to track to see what's consistently generating quality leads
Actionable steps to immediately boost these critical marketing metrics
The value of a phone call and suggestions on where to place your budget
Data-driven tactics to improve call connection on underperforming tracking lines

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Daniel has been with Car Wars for 8 years, working with some of our largest automotive clients. He is currently working on the business development team, and he has held various roles within the consulting and sales teams. Daniel enjoys working with dealership stakeholders at all levels to optimize their phone processes and improve individual performance on calls.

Clint joined Car Wars in June 2015. Clint spent the first six years of his time at Car Wars working with top dealer groups around the country to help them own the phone. Now, he heads up Sales Development for Car Wars.