Car Wars Announces New Dealership Phone Performance Award Program

Dallas, TX | November 28, 2022— Car Wars, the leading call tracking and phone handling solution for automotive dealers, announced a new annual dealership award program today. Car Wars' Dealership CRISP Award program is intended to recognize top dealerships that prioritize phone handling and provide customers with an optimal phone experience.

The phone is a dealer's #1 resource to get in front of customers and provide best-in-class experiences. This makes it critical that agents have excellent phone handling skills. Due to this high importance, Car Wars offers CRISP Certification, a virtual phone skills training program that ensures salespeople are trained and certified to effectively handle customer inquiries.

Car Wars emphasizes four key phone metrics — Connect, Request and Invite, Set, and Pursue — that, when prioritized, lead to an excellent phone regimen for dealers. These four metrics are used to measure an agent's phone handling performance. To recognize its top dealers who are doing their part on the phone to provide top-notch experiences based on CRISP, Car Wars has begun a new annual award initiative.

Dealers whose staff meet or exceed predetermined thresholds for CRISP metrics will receive either Gold, Platinum, or Diamond awards based on 2022 phone handling metrics.

“We see in our data that operational excellence in phone handling isn't easy,” says Car Wars CRO Cassie Broemmer. “It's evident in the wide distribution of performance in our CRISP KPIs between the top dealers that bring focus and discipline versus those that let owning the phone fall to the bottom of the priority list. Consequently, I think it's important to recognize and celebrate the dealerships — and the key personnel at those dealerships — that are driving the operational change necessary to win.”

Car Wars will be announcing dealers who have qualified for their corresponding award levels on January 17th, 2023. Awards can be picked up in person at the NADA Show 2023, or will be mailed to the respective dealership.

For questions regarding this award program, contact your Car Wars consultant or email To learn more about Car Wars’ virtual phone skills training program, CRISP Certification, and how Car Wars can help your sales agents excel on the phone, visit