Car Wars Adds Valuable Data Points to Tracking Line Summary Report

Two new columns have been added to the Tracking Line Summary!

You can now see ‘Unanswered Calls’ for each tracking line in the ‘All Calls’ view of the report and ‘Not Connected’ calls for each tracking line in the ‘Reviewed Calls’ view of the report.

Additionally, each column is hyperlinked to a list of call details.

Calls that are "unanswered" are ones where the telephony events do not result in a successful bridging between the customer and dealership — the customer hung up, got disconnected, etc. These calls do not have audio and could not previously be found in Car Wars.

Even though these calls have no audio, they still represent a customer who reached out to your dealership. Being able to follow up with these calls to make sure there is a successful subsequent call helps your dealership get a handle on this population of customers you may have been previously blind to.

You no longer need to spend extra time in Search For A Call to find this subset of calls, they will now be hyperlinked in the Tracking Line Summary.

View the updates to the Tracking Like Summary HERE!

For questions regarding this update, contact your Car Wars consultant or Car Wars Support.