CRM + The Phone: Consistent Lead Management to Keep Your Dealership Pointed in the Right Direction

Open or temporarily closed — tracking each and every lead at your dealership is still the highest priority.

Dealers across the country are feeling the pain of dwindling store traffic. The challenges are new and unique, yet we continue to see a stream of normal inbound sales calls to dealerships. Opportunistic shopper excited about factory incentives? Couch surfer with more time than usual to browse and call? Essential worker with a vehicle on it's last leg? All of the above?

Now more than ever, an inbound call needs phone customer service and to be treated as a top priority.

We advise our dealers to implement a consistent phone lead management strategy to stay on top of hot opportunities and keep their dealership pointed in the right direction.

  • …IS OPEN

    First things first, connect your callers with someone who can help. It sounds easy, but adjustments to your current phone routing may be necessary based on staffing or limited hours. We discuss best practices on routing options in this article.

    Make sure these connected calls don't slip through the cracks! The best way to capture every opportunity and ensure future follow-up with the prospect is to log and assign the lead in CRM. This creates ownership and a record of your opportunities.


    A good customer experience cannot be disregarded if your sales department is closed. You can create a good impression with callers who left a voicemail and who were unable to be helped by following up with them immediately when you open. In the same way you want to capture a customer who calls after normal business hours, you should treat these callers as missed opportunities and reach out once operations resume.

    It's especially important each and every opportunity coming into the dealership is captured and logged in CRM — even if your team isn't able to handle them at the moment. The logged leads will be ready and waiting for you when you're able to pursue these opportunities, ultimately allowing you to quickly pursue your hottest revenue opportunities.

Regardless of whether you're operating with a skeleton crew or if your sales department is temporarily closed, managing and logging inbound leads in your CRM on a consistent basis is a necessity to capture these opportunities and ensure they don't slip through the cracks.


Inventory calls can be tedious to manage and track even when operating business as normal. However, It's going to be even harder with a distributed workforce or a closed department, so it's more important to follow a consistent process.


Make managing your inventory calls part of your daily routine and ensure you have a system in place to get all phone leads logged in CRM.

  1. Log and assign every lead!

    Now more than ever, managing your Sales opportunities in CRM on a daily basis will help capture revenue opportunities. Log and assign each lead to capture every sales opportunity coming to your dealership and to ensure automated follow-up tasks are created for your team.

    Even if you're closed, managing your leads daily will help significantly in capturing revenue because you'll be able to quickly follow up with sales opportunities you missed when closed.

  2. Check to see which callers need to be followed-up with

    Track how many sales opportunities you received from the following day, and ensure these leads are logged and assigned to an agent so proper follow-up occurs. Prioritize your calling efforts with these callers who are interested and ready to buy and invite them into your dealership.

    Setting up a daily report of inventory opportunities is a simple way to check if all leads are logged from the previous day.

  3. Hold your team accountable

    Remote working makes managing your staff more challenging than ever. However, you can and should listen to calls to hold your people accountable to how they're handling the phone and communicating with customers.

    Follow-up tasks in CRM make it easy for you to know exactly how productive your team is. Check tasks to make sure your Sales staff are pursuing opportunities and helping customers who call.

Despite this chaotic time, you can still maintain a commitment to customer service by ensuring each lead is (or will be) pursued and helped. Your efforts to track and log leads during this time will not go unrewarded. Commiting to a consistent phone lead management process — and executing on a continuous basis — will keep your dealership on the right track.

We are committed to doing everything possible to assist you. Reach out to the Car Wars Consulting team at 214-446-7867 to schedule a webinar for a detailed routing and process evaluation or for assistance implementing any adjustments or changes you need.

We will be engaged and learning alongside our dealer partners as the circumstances change. Tell us about market observations, your own best practices, or ways we can help you on the phone. We want to hear from you. Simply email content@carwars.com to get the conversation started.