[E-BOOK] 4 Phone Techniques Top Service Departments Use
CRISP Certification Video Courses Now Available

On-demand phone skills training courses accessible are the newest addition to the CRISP Certification Program

Dealers and agents participating in the Car Wars CRISP Certification Program can now access exclusive on-demand video courses as an additional resource to improve phone skills and conversion rates in the newest Training Course Library.

The latest addition to the CRISP Certification Program provides CRISP Certified dealers a growing library of on-demand videos with continual new content to ensure ongoing phone handling improvement. The videos train on pivotal phone techniques from properly connecting callers, requesting the appointments, to successfully handling objections which can be used on an individual basis or in team meetings. New content is added regularly to supplement CRISP Certification training.

Agents can view the courses in the CRISP Certification report on the Car Wars Dashboard as well as from the Agent Performance Report.

Interested in learning more about the CRISP Certification Program? Visit carwars.com/home/solutions/crisp-certification or email ryan@callbox.com.