Live Calls Tool to Manage Your Remote Team

Shelter-in-place might keep buyers home, but Internet traffic increases as consumers continue to shop online. With a virtual sales team, it's hard to confidently know how your team is handling leads. You can use Car Wars' Call Box to manage your remote staff and stay on top of the leads your dealership is still getting.

Here's how Call Box can help:

  1. Manage staff conversations during or after calls.

    Without sitting right next to your staff, it's difficult to know how leads are being handled. With Call Box, you have the ability to listen, coach, or join LIVE calls.


    Listen in undetected on live calls to make sure the customer is being helped. Even with your staff working remotely, you can ensure agents are providing a professional experience on the phone.


    Coach an agent during a call. Coaching allows you to provide an agent, who could benefit from more training, one-sided audio to help guide the conversation towards the appointment.


    Join the call. You can seamlessly jump in on the call and talk directly to the customer, if the agent needs assistance navigating the conversation.

    The outcome of being able to listen, join, or coach a call? You can manage your team from anywhere and still provide the necessary feedback or training to improve. A culture of phone accountability does not stop because Sales is closed in the traditional sense. With the ability to monitor your team's phone calls, you can have the confidence these very valuable leads are being handled.

  2. Quickly access customer records in CRM.

    As calls come in, Call Box will cross reference those calls with your CRM in real time. Access customer records by pressing the Open in CRM button.

    If the customer record does not exist, you know the customer may be a first time caller. If the customer does exist in CRM, the button will open that customer record, putting all of their data in front of you as you handle the call. You can now be proactive and more knowledgeable as you jump on a call with an understanding of who this person is, if they have already bought a car, what type of car, what they're interested in, and who they spoke to last all from the CRM in real-time.

Your dealership is still bringing in phone ups and handling those properly is critical. Listen to your team's calls. Coach live conversations. Continue to log leads in CRM. Hop into Call Box now to take these actions on live calls. If it's enabled on your account, you'll find Call Box on your Car Wars dashboard under Car Wars Reports.

To learn more about Car Wars' Call Box, take the 2-minute self-guided tour.

We are committed to doing everything possible to assist you. Reach out to the Car Wars Consulting team at 214-446-7867 to schedule a webinar for a detailed routing and process evaluation or for assistance implementing any adjustments or changes you need.

We will be engaged and learning alongside our dealer partners as the circumstances change. Tell us about market observations, your own best practices, or ways we can help you on the phone. We want to hear from you. Simply email content@carwars.com to get the conversation started.