How to Seamlessly Route Calls Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 has surfaced unique challenges that will require proactive effort. In this time of uncertainty, your dealership is likely facing one of these four scenarios depending on state, district, and government laws or the individual decisions made for your specific store:

  1. All departments are open, but with limited hours
  2. Service is open, but Sales is virtual
  3. Service is open, but Sales is closed
  4. The entire store is closed

Despite what's going on around us and your dealership being in one of these four conditions, the reality is that customers are still calling and buying cars. The most important thing during this time for any of these situations is to connect customers to someone that can help or make them aware of what's going on. Communicating to your customer goes a long way in retention and capturing new business.

Here are our best practices to help you navigate how calls should be routed for each scenario.

Scenario 1 – All departments remain open, but with limited hours

If all departments in your store remain open but are operating with limited hours, you should have a new greeting going over those updated hours so customers calling in are aware of this change. If calls should ring somewhere else (like a third party call center) after those limited hours, we can employ schedule-based routing.

Even with Sales operating normally, it's critically important that you have a strong lead management process to ensure no opportunities are slipping through the cracks.

Scenario 2 – Service is Open, but Sales is virtual

If your Service department remains open but the sales team is remote or down to a skeleton crew, we can route calls to your sales team at home to ensure customers looking to buy a vehicle are still connecting with your team as efficiently as possible – go to carwars.com/bridge to get started.

When routing calls in this scenario, it's important to determine what phone numbers need to receive calls. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want sales calls going to a group of salespeople or a group of sales managers? Or should everyone be included?
  • What are the updated hours of operation for Sales?
    • Where should calls go after hours?
  • Who should receive reports on these calls or voicemails?
  • Where should other departments route to?

In a case like this, implement a bridge greeting going over changed hours, schedule routing to follow new hours, and multi-ring phone ups to ring multiple agent or manager phones so you're not missing out on any sales opportunities. Connect with the Car Wars Consulting team at 214-446-7867 for a detailed routing and process evaluation, and for help implementing routing.

Scenario 3 – Service is Open, but Sales is closed

If your Service department remains open but Sales is closed completely, we can set up a situationally-related voicemail on your main sales line that sends messages to managers of your choice.

We recommend setting up your account to receive alerts and a daily recap of calls that hit this voicemail so you're kept in the loop on call volume and the types of calls you're getting at your dealership. Ensure proper follow-up now so there's no lag when business returns to normal. This article goes over best practices in CRM process and lead management to ensure you can capture these leads for the future.

Scenario 4 – Complete store closure

In the event that your store is completely closed, we can set up a voicemail for all your business lines. Calls will ring to a greeting that keeps customers informed on the situation at your store. Customers will be kept in the loop on the status of your dealership and all voicemails are sent to the appropriate people at your store. We recommend setting up alerts and daily recaps on calls that hit the voicemail lines – we'll record all of those calls so you can review them in one report.

Even if your store closes, you don't need to lose potential sales opportunities. Check out our article on best practices for your CRM process and lead management during COVID-19. When the store opens back up again, you'll have a list of leads to call back and jumpstart business again.

Car Wars is offering a phone bridge that routes customer calls to remote staff who can help during COVID-19 shutdowns. Simply go to carwars.com/bridge to get started.

We are committed to doing everything possible to assist you. Reach out to the Car Wars Consulting team at 214-446-7867 to schedule a webinar for a detailed routing and process evaluation or for assistance implementing any adjustments or changes you need.