Old Staff Profiles? They're More Harmful Than Just “Clutter”
Clean up your staff list to simplify the voice profile matching process and improve automated call assignment.

Remember Agent “Billy” who left the dealership three months ago but you never got around to deleting his profile in your Car Wars account? Although he no longer works at your dealership, his lingering profile in Car Wars is negatively affecting your Car Wars reporting accuracy and our call assignment process on agent calls for you.

Voice Recognition is a powerful Car Wars' tool to improve CRM lead management and agent phone performance accountability by automatically tying ownership to an agent for his or her calls.

The problem: additional and unnecessary profiles.

Old agent profiles existing in your account make the call assignment process “messy” and more difficult for our artificial intelligence software to accurately match a call to an agent's voice profile. As a result, some calls aren't automatically assigned to agents and you lose insight into your agents' performance on inbound and outbound calls.

Cari uses machine learning and gets smarter at assignment each time a handled call is correctly matched to an agent's voice sample in the profile. With old profiles' voice samples in the account, Cari views it as an option for assignment and Billy's lingering voice sample is causing confusion for assigning New Agent Tim's call.


Removing and creating a new staff profile in Car Wars is very simple. Both can be done in Staff Profiles on the Car Wars dashboard.

When an agent no longer works at your dealership, immediately delete his or her profile.

For new agents, make creating a profile a part of onboarding. The sooner a new agent completes Voice Recognition enrollment, the sooner Cari can learn the agent's voice profile!

Best practice is to assign a manager at the dealership to clean up the Staff List on a monthly basis. This one simple thing will significantly improve call assignment!

Voice Recognition can work smarter and faster to assign calls and provide you valuable reporting into their call activities.

Download the step-by-step guide to adding and removing new profiles.

For more two more ways to make Voice Recognition better, visit carwars.com/home/a/make-voice-recognition-smarter, or schedule a call with a consultant who can help you update your staff list.

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