You're Still Getting Phone Ups — Here's How To Stay On Top Of Them

Virtual sales. Appointment only. Remote sales team. Skeleton crew. Shortened hours. Closed weekends. 100% closed.

There is a good chance that some combination of the above applies to your sales department right now. Amidst that chaos, resilient dealers are embracing a “Focus on what you CAN control right now” mentality. For many, that simply means ensuring every inbound sales call is handled and managed properly. These phone calls are both mission critical and a breath of fresh air. If the phone isn't ringing as much as before, then it's time to buckle down when it does.

Here are 4 recommendations you can do right now to make the most of every lead and gain control of the situation amidst the chaos.

Recommendation #1: Sales call alerts

Staying on top of sales calls is tough even when business is normal. It becomes more daunting with a distributed workforce or a closed department. Regardless if your department is open, virtual, or closed, these leads need to be logged and assigned in your CRM.

Set up sales call alerts via text or email to best manage these opportunities. Since you're quickly notified of each call, logging and assigning each in CRM is more manageable and ensures each caller is taken care of.

Recommendation #2: Daily list of inventory calls

In addition to individual inventory call alerts, we recommend setting up a daily morning report of the inventory calls from the previous day.

Setting up a daily report of inventory opportunities is a simple way to check if all leads are logged from the previous day. This is a great way to keep a pulse on how many opportunities you're getting daily AND to cross check each is properly logged in CRM. For a more in-depth look at our recommended lead management process, you can read our article here.

Recommendation #3: Stranded call alerts or daily report

What about your customers who weren't able to speak with someone? These are interested prospects or someone who wants to make an appointment to service their vehicle.

Stranded call alerts via text or email ensure follow-up can happen with callers who didn't connect; whether no one was available or you intentionally have them going to a voicemail line.

One of our dealers uses these alerts to help make sure every Sales caller who isn't connected gets helped. He combs through a daily morning report to find callers who slipped through the cracks from the previous day or where the agents dropped the ball. He listens to calls where customers were left on hold, sent to voicemail, or bounced around from one department to the next. Alerts help him prioritize his calling efforts, salvage more appointments, and give a pulse on what's actually happening on his calls.

Recommendation #4: Listen to LIVE calls through Call Box

Call Box, the communication dashboard in Car Wars, can help you manage your team virtually.

Normally, you may overhear calls at the dealership because you're sitting near your team. As a result, you're aware of how calls are being handled as they happen. This may not be the case in today's environment with many employees handling calls remotely. Using Call Box, you have three options to listen or participate on your calls from anywhere.

Call Box allows you to follow your team's phone performance with real-time monitoring. Listen in on a phone conversation, join the conversation, or provide coaching that's audible only to the agent during the phone call.

Open or temporarily closed, you're still receiving phone-ups. The four recommendations discussed above can help you navigate this time and take a proactive effort to stay on top of these opportunities your dealership is getting.

To recap:
  • Sales call alerts – Capture every sales opportunity by logging and assign each phone lead in CRM.
  • Daily list of sales callers – Review each morning the previous day's inventory calls to make sure the lead is assigned to an agent for proper follow-up.
  • Stranded caller alerts – Reach out immediately to customers who reach voicemail.
  • Listen on LIVE calls on Call Box – Know how your team is handling calls and be available to jump in and help navigate the conversation.

We are committed to doing everything possible to assist you. Reach out to the Car Wars Consulting team at 214-446-7867 to schedule a webinar for a detailed routing and process evaluation or for assistance implementing any adjustments or changes you need.

We will be engaged and learning alongside our dealer partners as the circumstances change. Tell us about market observations, your own best practices, or ways we can help you on the phone. We want to hear from you. Simply email content@carwars.com to get the conversation started.