ROI Calculator: What's the Phone Costing Your Dealership?
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4 Communication Strategies for Thriving in Today's Automotive Retail Market
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Navigating AI: A Comprehensive Dealer's Guide to Harnessing Artificial Intelligence
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7 Data-Driven Tactics Impacting Your Call Connection Rates
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The 5 Best Data-Backed Outbound Calling Tactics to Get More Customers on the Phone
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3 Strategic Ways to Reduce Costs in Your Tech Stack
This guide provides strategies, best practices, and tactics to ensure your team is cutting costs, not quality, in your tech stack.
4 Reasons to Embrace Video Selling
Video selling is a great resource for Sales and Service Departments to engage customers, and this blog details four key reasons why video selling is worth the effort.
Key Phone Trends that Impacted Dealer Success in 2022
Use this industry report to learn data-backed tactics and eye-catching industry trends from 2022 to help your dealership succeed in 2023.
4 Automotive Technology Trends to Watch in 2023
This blog explains four automotive trends to watch for in 2023 based on fluctuations in the automotive market in 2022.
Going Above and Beyond: How Personal Touch and Effort Can Go a Long Way in Service
In this testimonial, Car Wars asks Drew Benson and Montana Lopez at Qvale Automotive Group questions regarding the Fixed Ops industry and how their teams utilize the phone.
3 End-of-Year Service Benefits to Share with Customers
This blog explains three ways you can leverage the phone in Service to encourage customers to bring in their vehicles before the year is over.
Master Customer Retention and Follow-Up in Your Service Department with 3 Simple Strategies
This blog goes over three strategies to improve customer experience and ensure customers return to your Service Department.
5 Simple Tactics to Master Declined Service Follow-Ups
This e-book provides five proven phone handling strategies and free word tracks to ensure your team is mastering declined service follow-ups.
The Top 5 Call Connection Trends Affecting Your Dealership's Bottom Line
This data study compiles top call connection trends from 2020 to 2022 by analyzing thousands of dealerships' phone metrics and explains why you should focus on improving call connection.
4 Ways AI Ensures Your Best Leads Aren't Left in the Dark
This blog details four strategic ways to leverage AI at your dealership to improve staff performance, customer experience, and phone handling.
Under the Hood: Why the Phone is Sullivan Automotive Group's Most Powerful Tool
Car Wars sits down with Scott Skougard at Sullivan Automotive Group to discuss how they are leveraging the phone to improve phone handling performance, increase appointments, and improve CSI in Service.
4 Tips on Delivering Top Customer Experiences in Service
This blog provides four tips dealers should apply in their Service Departments to deliver the best customer experiences.
5 Service Phone Trends that Stand Out Halfway Through 2022
In this data study, Car Wars provides the five top Service phone trends of 2022 to date compiled from millions of phone calls across thousands of dealership partners.
5 Ways to Leverage the Phone to Help Overcome the Inventory Shortage
This e-book goes over five phone handling strategies dealers can use to overcome inventory shortages, as well as prepare your team for the future challenges to come when the market shifts.
How To Turn Your Service Department into the Ultimate Trade-In Resource
This blog explains how you can turn your Service Department into the top trade-in resource at your dealership by having your Sales and Service Departments work together.
4 Reasons Car Wars Will Help You Maximize Your CRM's Potential
This blog explains four ways Car Wars helps you utilize your CRM to its fullest potential by using comprehensive and streamlined integrations.
Make the Most of May: 3 Moves to Improve Call Connection
In this blog, Car Wars provides three ways to help you and your team improve call connection to ensure no valuable leads go down the drain.
The 5 Soft Phone Skills Changing the Game for Dealers
This e-book provides five soft phone skills that will elevate your team's ability to master the phones, boost customer experience, and help you capitalize on each and every sales opportunity.
The 6 Must-Know Automotive Phone Trends of 2021
In this data study, Car Wars provides the six top phone trends of 2021 compiled from millions of phone calls across thousands of dealership partners.
The 5 Best Practices for Delivering Status Updates in Service
This e-book explains the five best practices in delivering status updates that benefit both CSI and your dealership's bottom line.
How the Rise in Service Departments Impacts the Phone
This data study explores five distinct areas of phone handling that allow Service Departments to increase revenue and improve customer experience when leveraged properly.
How the Industry 10DLC Initiative Affects Texting Your Customers
This blog post explains what 10DLC is and why it is required for your business.
7 Types of Service Calls to Enhance Your Customer Experience
Traffic in Service and Parts Departments is increasing, but this can come at the cost of customer experience. This blog explains seven ways to enhance your customer experience with outbound phone calls.
The 4 Phone Techniques Top Service Departments Use to Improve CSI and Capture More Revenue
This guide goes over four phone techniques that let you book more service and repair order appointments over the phone using Car Wars' CRISP methodology.
How to Combat Inbound & Outbound Spam at Your Dealership
This guide presents what inbound and outbound spam are, why they're becoming more and more prevalent, and how you can prevent them from becoming a hindrance to your business.
Three Reasons Dealers Are Pairing Car Wars Call Tracking with Our Cloud Phone System
This blog post explains how Car Wars' Cloud Phone System shifts dealers' phone systems from being a headache to a tool that supports proper phone lead management and excellent customer service.
Spam Call Best Practices
This short guide explains how spam calls impact your dealership and steps you can take to lessen the impact.
Arm Yourself With a Better Phone System
This blog post goes over the reasons why your dealership should upgrade to a cloud-based phone system which is smarter, simpler, and more dependable.
Multimedia Texting Capabilities for Enhanced Customer Communication
This blog explains how dealers can use Car Wars' multimedia texting lines to help engage with interested buyers who can't physically stop into the dealership while keeping existing relationships strong.
Daily Checklist: 5 Steps to Own The Phone
A simple five-step checklist dealers can use to ensure they Own The Phone every day.
The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Service Center
This guide offers multiple marketing methods to help turn potential customers into booked service and repair orders, while maintaining ROI-positive advertising results.
The Cost of Doing Nothing: Service
This infographic reveals the cost of doing nothing on the phone in Service Departments.
3 Tips to Improve CSI
This guide provides three steps to bring more customers into your Service Department and save them from going to the competition.
Hendrick Automotive Group Achieves Consistency at the Enterprise Level
Car Wars sits down with Chip Fesperman and Brian McMaster of Hendrick Automotive Group to discuss how they utilize Car Wars and their CRM to the fullest.
4 Phone Techniques Top Dealers Use
This guide explains how you can use the simple, yet effective acronym - CRISP - to book more appointments on the phone.
Lithia Flagship Store Gives the Most Competitive Market a Run for its Money
Car Wars interviews Paramus Honda's Jason Cohen to discuss how they maintain their status as one of the top dealerships in the nation in a fiercely competitive market.
The Phone Still Reigns in the Digital Age
Car Wars sits down with Sun Toyota's Victor Montoya and discusses how they handle the transition to the Digital Age and why the phone is crucial for success.
Benefits of a Phone Bridge
This short guide explains what a phone bridge is and how it can clean up the calls you are monitoring and enhance your connection rates.
The Cost of Doing Nothing
This infographic shows how devastating the cost of doing nothing to improve a dealership's phone processes can be.
What is CRISP?
Learn what it means to be CRISP on the phone.
Connect: CRISP Phone Skills
This guide explains how to Connect more customers on the phone, one of the key elements of CRISP.
Request & Invite: CRISP Phone Skills
This guide explains how to Request and Invite a customer into the dealership on the phone, one of the key elements of CRISP.
Set: CRISP Phone Skills
This guide explains how to Set a firm appointment on the phone, one of the key elements of CRISP.
Pursue: CRISP Phone Skills
This guide explains how to Pursue opportunities on the phone, one of the key elements of CRISP.
This is a quick overview on how to stay CRISP on the phone.
How To: Setting Firm Appointments
This short guide helps visualize how to best set a firm appointment.
How To: Successful Outbound Calls
Use this guide to learn the importance of making outbound phone calls to ensure more customers come to your dealership.
How To: Warm Transfer for Service
A short five-step guide to help conduct a warm transfer in your Service Department.
How To: Warm Transfer for Sales
A short five-step guide to help conduct a warm transfer in your Sales Department.
Inbound/Outbound Cheat Sheet
These cheat sheets provide phone scripts that will help your agents be CRISP when handling any inbound or outbound sales call over the phone.
Van Halen, Brown M&MS, Car Wars
Geno Walsh of Qvale Automotive Group relates Van Halen and brown M&Ms to Car Wars and identifying problematic areas in your team's phone skills.
The 3 Ingredient Recipe For A Successful Centralized BDC
Angela Schliinz of Morrie's Automotive Group explains the three key ingredients for a successful BDC that, when combined, drive productivity and performance.