Sensitive Information Detection & Removal

Get protection from costly privacy violations.

Dealers are challenged with assuring a customer's personal information is protected during and after the call, while still offering the convenience of paying over the phone. Failing to comply with laws and regulations can be a costly mistake and raise major reputation and legal liabilities.

Using artificial intelligence-powered transcription and machine learning, Car Wars detects sequences of numbers spoken in conversation with key phrases such as “credit card” or “social security” that are specific to the exchange of sensitive information. Once identified, the call audio is removed to protect personal identifiable information during and after the call.

Sensitive Information Detection:

doneAnalyzes calls including PII (Personal Identifiable Information) and SPI (Sensitive Personal Information)
doneRemoves audio from call recordings that include personal data
donePrevents sensitive information from being stored and later retrieved
doneProtects businesses from legal liability associated with collecting personal data

These enhanced security measures ensure the phone remains an asset rather than a liability for dealerships collecting sensitive information over the phone.

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