Urban Science uses industry-wide sales data to turn every lost sale into an opportunity for improvement.
With Car Wars and Urban Science, utilize insightful data to gain control over the chaotic automotive market with these offerings:

Stop wasting time and money pursuing leads that are out of the market. Powered by Urban Science's industry-wide sales data and Car Wars' seamless CRM integrations, SalesAlert marks and suppresses leads that have already purchased vehicles from another dealership.

See where sales are lost by matching CRM data to near real-time market data from Urban Science. These data-driven findings by lead source, model, salesperson, and geography help pinpoint what is driving defections to competitors. Users can access TrafficView right from the Car Wars dashboard.

Some customers need that extra push to move forward. AutoHook motivates prospects on hard-to-sell inventory. With Urban Science data, AutoHook identifies and targets the highest intent-to-buy customers and delivers private offers through existing marketing efforts and channels. AutoHook steps in to pursue those high quality leads when sales teams overlook them.

* Used sales are not included. Certain brands are excluded from some or all offerings.

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