How the Industry 10DLC Initiative Affects Texting Your Customers

November 8, 2022

What is 10DLC?

10DLC stands for 10 digit long code, which are 10 digit numbers created by carriers that are meant for application-to-person texting (and capable of handling a higher volume of texting).

Because application-to-person texting is growing increasingly popular, carriers want to make sure that this form of communication stays free of spam and unsolicited messages. The initiative will also allow carriers to support stability and deliverability of this messaging channel. Until recently, most 10 digit phone numbers you’re used to using were intended for person-to-person texting, rather than application-to-person. With the 10DLC initiative, carriers have adopted standards to register 10-digit numbers as 10DLC numbers to understand who is using these numbers and what they’re sending, and ultimately provide better deliverability.

How does it affect my business?

All businesses that send application-to-person texts on 10-digit long code numbers are required by U.S. mobile carriers to register their brand (company) with a carrier. As of October 1st, 2021, major phone carriers began throttling or blocking text messages for unregistered text traffic. Once registered, businesses will be vetted and given a trust score. In order for businesses to avoid their texts being throttled or blocked, they must register their brand (company) and texting campaigns with The Campaign Registry (TCR). TCR charges an upfront and ongoing cost for campaigns registered to be 10DLC.

If you currently have any text-enabled phone numbers with Car Wars, they must be registered as 10DLC numbers. Fortunately, we can register numbers on your behalf once we have the needed information. In order for us to register your text-enabled Car Wars numbers, complete your Account Information page in Car Wars. As more information about 10DLC is made available, we will continue to assess whether or not any incurred costs will need to be passed on to customers.

For more questions on registering your text-enabled numbers, reach out to Car Wars Support.

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