3 End-of-Year Service Benefits to Share with Customers

November 29, 2022

As 2022 wraps up, dealers are looking for ways to hit, or exceed, performance goals to close out the year strong.

With Service Departments staying busy these days, there’s no better place to look if your dealership is trying to make one final strong push in 2022. Here are three ways you can leverage the phone in Service to share with customers why they should bring in their vehicles before the year is over:

1 Peace of Mind

Nearly half of all Americans are planning to hit the road during the upcoming winter holiday travel period. Even with high gas prices, consumers aren’t deterred from taking road trips this holiday season. However, with that large volume of drivers on the road and potentially bad weather conditions, drivers worrying about how their vehicles will perform should be the last thing on their minds. Give customers peace of mind by offering a holiday special for multi-point inspections. Whether it turns into a simple oil change or critical brake replacement, customers who have not serviced their vehicle in the last few months can then know their vehicle is running properly during their travels.

2 Better Trade-In Values

Typically, when another year passes, the value of a used vehicle tends to drop. Customers who are open to trading in their current vehicles want to get the most out of them financially when doing so. Having proof the vehicles are up to date with maintenance helps confirm the overall value of the vehicles and allows the customers to get the best prices. This becomes a win-win for both the dealership and the customer trading in their vehicle. The customer knows they’re getting a fair price for their vehicle, and the dealership adds to its used vehicle inventory to eventually sell to a prospective buyer for potential profit.

3 Take Advantage of Holiday New Car Discounts

Customers know that the end of the year is a good time to buy a car. With the new 2023 vehicle models hitting dealer lots, dealerships want to get them sold as quickly as possible. Call customers with older vehicle models that are due for a Service appointment and inform them of the new vehicle discounts. During the customer’s appointment, express that your team can do a full multi-point inspection and provide an accurate trade-in estimate as well during their visit. Plus, while the customer is waiting for their car to be serviced, the Service team can schedule time for them to meet with Sales and view the latest models and upgrades. This provides a seamless experience for the customer and allows your dealership an opportunity to sell those 2023 models.

Close out 2022 strong with these strategies to get customers in the doors. Not only will they bring in opportunities for more business and provide great customer experiences in your Service Department, but they’ll also set your dealership up for success for the new year.

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