3 Simple Techniques to Bring Your Outbound Phone Handling Game to the Next Level

May 16, 2023

Outbound calling can be a defeating task when you constantly reach a customer’s voicemail or get rejected. It is often one of dealers’ least favorite tasks due to these outcomes. Whether you relate to this or not, outbound calling is still one of the most effective ways to generate what may have otherwise been missed opportunities, uncover lost revenue, and increase appointments scheduled and show-up rates. This, ultimately, gives you a leg up against competition. While you can’t eliminate the frustrating outcomes, you can implement strategies into your daily outbound calling routine to increase your chances of success.

By implementing the proper outbound phone handling tactics, you will see an increase in the effectiveness of your touchpoints. Implement these three simple strategies into your outbound calling approach to see a boost in results.

1 Adjust Focus

The average call connection rate when making a true outbound cold call to a customer with no documented call history to or from your dealership is only 15.8%. The average call connection rate on an outbound call made to a customer designated as a missed opportunity that occurs within one week of the customer’s original call is 48.5%. That means you have a 32.7% higher chance of succeeding if you adjust the focus of who you are targeting!

Making cold calls is generally not an efficient way to spend your outbound calling time compared to calling customers with previous activity at your dealership. Did you know, Car Wars can deliver Missed Opportunity Alerts straight to your email or text message inbox for a quick overview of prime outbound calling opportunities!

2 Be Persistent

It takes an average of 3.3 calls to get customers back on the phone. Each lead calling your line, whether from a Google Ad, organic search, third-party site, or another marketing source, could be costing you thousands of dollars to generate. Don’t give up just after one call! Be persistent so you can get the lost customer back on the phone.

If you have made four outbound calls to a customer and are still not reaching the desired outcome, try pairing your call with another outbound communication channel – text messages, emails, videos, and voicemail messages. In doing so, you may increase the odds of a customer picking up. You may even try doing so before you make an outbound call to alert them to your upcoming outreach and to introduce yourself and the intentions of the call.

3 Strategize Calling Times

The most successful outbound calls are made during the morning hours. Generally, the best times to make outbound calls are 11:00 AM, closely followed by 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Schedule meetings in the afternoon and consider blocking off time each morning specifically dedicated to outbound calling campaigns. This may increase call connection rates at your dealership to ensure no prime customers are slipping through the cracks.

Making outbound calls can be a frustrating and directionless task without the proper tactics in place. The lack of answers gets defeating and finding time to prioritize outbound calls can be challenging. While making outbound calls may not currently feel like the best use of your time, by adjusting focus, being persistent, and strategizing calling times, this could be a powerful tool and an efficient part of your day.

To learn more data-back outbound phone handling tactics to increase appointment conversion and show up rates, download the full research study HERE!

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