4 Reasons Car Wars Will Help You Maximize Your CRM's Potential

July 7, 2022

Have you ever spent days, or even weeks, working on a 1,000+ piece puzzle just to get to the end and realize you are missing one piece? It is a frustrating feeling, and you aren’t able to get the full picture. The same feeling of frustration occurs when you are missing a critical integration with one of the most important tools at your dealership. You spend so much time working in your CRM but are losing potential Sales and Service opportunities because you aren’t utilizing every piece of your integration.

Car Wars integrates with major CRMs and offers extensive solutions to ensure you know what’s happening over the phone. Instead of lacking the ‘full picture’ because you are missing an important piece, Car Wars helps you solve the puzzle and take advantage of every opportunity within your CRM. Our comprehensive integrations allow you to see necessary data in one place instead of constantly switching between multiple platforms. Instead, your time can be devoted to working your valuable Sales and Service leads. Here are four ways you can solve the puzzle and utilize Car Wars’ extensive integrations with your CRM.

1 Drive Staff Accountability with Outbound Insight

Through click-to-call within your CRM, Car Wars captures all outbound phone traffic while providing insights into how calls were handled. This accountability allows for additional clarity when managing outbound follow-up processes and outreach. Whether a Sales call was mishandled and needs follow-up attention, or a Service update needs to be made, Car Wars’ outbound insight makes it easy to tell which agents are making the calls assigned to them and having true conversations.

2 Provide a Deep Link to Car Wars Reporting

Pre-authenticated and direct access to Car Wars reporting can be found within your CRM. It’s not necessary to work out of multiple different platforms to handle phone processes. One report that can be viewed within your CRM is the Dealership CRISP Report that gives clear insight into 100% of your Sales calls. The report breaks down call connection performance and why calls aren’t connecting to your staff, statistics for how many appointments were requested and booked, and the percentage of potential Sales opportunities that were followed up with. You can also view the Staff Activity Report from your CRM, which allows you to track the performance of each agent and hold your staff accountable for their phone performance.

3 Account for Every Single Sales Call

Car Wars attaches every inbound Sales call to an existing customer record if a match is found or offers the flexibility to create a new lead. Consistently managing your CRM and keeping it organized is important to guarantee you aren’t letting any Sales opportunities slip through the cracks. Calls shared into your CRM contain a written call recap and a detailed outcome report. You can quickly see which agent handled the call, a recap of why the customer called and their needs, if it was a Sales opportunity, if an appointment was booked, sentiment of the call previewing if the caller was angry or satisfied, and the percentage of time the customer talked vs your agent.

4 Open Customer Records Directly from Call Recordings

Call Alerts and call recordings within Car Wars contain a direct link to open the appropriate customer record in your CRM. When checking in on different Car Wars reports, if a call stands out to you that needs attention, you can easily open the customer record in your CRM. This gives you the convenience of seeing a clear history of customer interactions and tasks open or completed when reviewing call records through Car Wars.

As an industry-leading software company, we want to make you work smarter — not harder. Our CRM integrations make staff accountability and proactive follow-up straightforward, gives customers a personalized experience, and allows you to generate and track more leads. Take advantage of your Car Wars and CRM integration to save you time and allow your team to work more effectively.

To learn more about Car Wars’ CRM integration opportunities that your dealership could be capitalizing on visit our Integrations page or schedule a call!

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