4 Reasons to Embrace Video Selling

February 27, 2023

Video selling has become a hot topic and gained a lot of interest across the automotive industry. PureCars found that the average daily spend on video is up 162% in November 2022!

Video selling is a great resource for Sales and Service Departments to engage customers, pull on their emotions, and sell appointments. Customers only want to make the trek to your dealership when necessary, so it is important to provide an interactive, trusting, and positive experience every time you communicate with customers. Embrace video selling at your dealership to increase email open rates, enhance customer retention and relations, avoid “wait” times, and gain an additional selling tool.

1 Videos Get Higher Email Open Rates

According to an article written by CBT News, prospects are 64% more likely to buy after watching a video than those who didn’t watch it. Additionally, viewers are 85% more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. CBT News even noted that including the word “video” in an email subject line can increase open rates by 6%! Videos are trending across many industries, especially automotive. Customers prefer listening and watching a video rather than spending time reading, researching, and trying to understand the dealership “lingo.” Videos engage customers, draw interest, and present you with an easy way to give vehicle tours or explain Service recommendations quickly and efficiently.

2 Increased Customer Retention and Relations

Videos build trust. Understanding an MPI can be difficult for a customer. Try sending videos to your Service customers walking through each recommendation from the MPI so they can visualize each item requested and understand its importance. Videos also build trust with Sales customers. If you know they are looking for a new Ford F-150 and one arrives at your dealership, send them a video walking around and highlighting its features. Let them know new inventory arrived that day and you wanted to let them know ASAP. This will show the customer that you are keeping them top of mind, care about their interests, and want to find them the best vehicle. This behavior is what will keep your customers coming back.

3 Avoid “Wait” Times

While playing phone tag with customers and delaying the Sales process because their calendar is booked for the next week, you are losing valuable time and the customer may start to lose interest. Those are important days you need to be using efficiently. Rather than waiting a week for the customer to make it into your dealership to look at the scratches on used inventory, to see the tread on their tires, or to see the make and model of an alternative vehicle you recommend, send a video. This will keep them engaged, interested, and eager to make an appointment.

4 A Phone Call’s Sidekick

Customers are trained to ignore calls from phone numbers they do not recognize. The chance of a call from an unrecognized number being spam is high, and customers don’t want to waste their time answering. Jump that hurdle by sending a video. You can send an embedded video through email or text while also letting them know to be expecting a call later that day. This way, they will expect a call and recognize your phone number, increasing the likeliness they will pick up. Video selling is a perfect pre-phone call and phone call follow-up technique. Now, your customers can put a voice and face to whoever is behind the phone.

Video selling is an emerging topic that will continue to increase in popularity. It is important to embrace video selling at your dealership to increase conversion rates, customer experience, and to build trust. Grow relations with your customers through video selling to keep them coming back.

To learn more about how your dealership can embrace video selling, Own the Phone, and increase customer experience in Sales and Service, set up time to chat with one of our Car Wars’ experts HERE!

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