4 Steps to Become More Effective at Outbound Service Calls

July 31, 2023

It is crucial to maintain a steady flow of customers to keep the service bays occupied and ensure profitability. Outbound service calls can play a vital role in achieving this objective. However, it’s not just about making calls; it’s about making those calls efficient and effective.

4 steps to become more effective at outbound service calls:

1 Utilize Multiple Communication Methods

Remember that just because a customer is not answering your call does not mean they are uninterested. You may have caught them at a bad time, or maybe you have an outdated phone number. One way to combat the customer not answering the phone is to utilize multiple communication methods like texting, emailing, calling back, and leaving a voicemail. Using one of these channels improves your chances of getting that customer on the phone.

2 Look at Trends for the Highest Connection Rate

After analyzing thousands of dealerships, in 2022, Car Wars found that the days of the week with the most unconnected calls were Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Therefore, if your goal is to connect more calls, you can be strategic and make your outbound calls on Thursday and Friday.

3 Leverage Your Sales Department to do a Warm Intro

If a customer bought a vehicle at your dealership, you already have your foot in the door when it comes to gaining them as a service customer. Make sure you are utilizing this tool and have your Sales team encourage their customers to utilize the dealership’s Service Department when they have a repair.

4 Implement an Online Tool to Create Targeted Campaigns Like Campaign Dialer

If you have set goals for your team to meet on the number of outbound calls they should be making, it is essential to track their activity to ensure they are meeting those goals. Car Wars reporting will show the number of customer contacts uploaded, called, reached with a live conversation, removed, or remaining for a campaign. This feature makes it easy to track and report on your outbound efforts.

By implementing these strategies, your teams can not only complete outbound service calls, but also ensure they are an efficient process that results in increased customer satisfaction, repeat business, and a consistently busy service bay.

Click HERE to learn more about The Campaign Dialer functionality in Car Wars.

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