4 Ways AI Ensures Your Best Leads Aren't Left in the Dark

September 28, 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing the automotive industry. Not only does AI enhance the performance of vehicles and the production process, but it also improves dealers’ processes by saving them time, ensuring they are prioritizing their best leads, improving phone handling, and giving a better customer experience.

AI multiplies the resources you have when it comes to training and managing your team. AI can take over everyday tasks and provide you with impactful data in seconds, putting back time in your day. Here are four strategic ways to leverage AI tools for your dealership’s phones to improve staff performance, customer experience, and phone handling.

1 Voice Recognition

Instead of having a manager sit down and listen to every inbound and outbound phone call to determine which staff member is handling the call, AI can determine the staff by their tone of voice. Knowing which agent handled a call is beneficial for training, coaching, and diving into individual agent performance metrics. It can be a challenge for a manager to find time to determine who is handling each call, especially when managing multiple locations or larger dealerships. AI does the work for you by deciphering each staff member’s unique voice melody. Whether you have two “Brian’s,” your agents sit by different phones with different extensions every day, or you have a large staff that is constantly changing so you struggle to determine their voices on your own, your calls will be properly assigned.

The value in voice recognition is that you gain very specific statistics and reporting per agent to determine improvement areas, top performers, and coaching opportunities. With turnover being high across all industries, it is more important than ever to have clear insight into each phone call to see how you can coach new team members to be top performers when it comes to phone handling.

2 Sentiment Detection

Based on a customer’s tone of voice over the phone, AI can tell you whether the customer left the call satisfied or dissatisfied. Are they upset or frustrated? AI can flag that call so a designated individual or manager can be alerted. The alert can be received via email or text, so you have the opportunity to call back and resolve the customer’s concerns. This can prevent upset customers or even negative online reviews. This is also a valuable training opportunity to go back and listen to frustrated customer calls and coach agents on how to better handle these situations.

3 Call Recaps and Outcomes

AI is a valuable tool to put time back into managers’ days. Listening to calls is an extremely important task, but there’s simply not enough time to listen to every call that goes into or out of your dealership. AI can give a quick summary of what happened over the phone and provide insight into the outcome of each call. You can quickly learn why the customer called, the vehicles discussed, and if an appointment was set. From there, you can optimize every opportunity and ensure each call was handled correctly. This also makes it easy to go back and quickly find callers who were looking for a specific car or plan on coming in a specific day.

4 Missed Opportunity Alerts

When it comes to actual performance improvement and making long-term changes to improve call outcomes, that’s where missed opportunity alerts come into play. AI can provide a safety net to ensure Sales and Service opportunities are not missed. When callers don’t receive the help they need, get sent to voicemail, or hang up on hold, AI can flag these calls and send them to a manager or designated individual. From there, you can see a list of valuable opportunities that your staff did not properly act on.

AI can improve call outcomes by providing insight into staff performance, phone handling metrics, and staff activity. Car Wars offers these four strategic AI solutions, along with others, to help dealers put time back into their day and master their calls.

To learn more about how Car Wars is helping top dealers Own the Phone and strengthen their staff’s phone handling skills, schedule a call today!

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