Updates to the Communication Dashboard

October 19, 2020

The Communication Dashboard in Car Wars helps your team better handle calls as they happen and access customer conversations all in one place. From the moment a call comes in and during the conversation, Sales and Service agents are equipped to expertly handle leads with relevant caller information from CRM or other contact management platforms, and caller history. Managers are equipped with tools to coach and assist agents during live calls and follow conversations with the hottest leads.

Now, two new updates to the Communication Dashboard improve your communication with customers and with the rest of your team:

The grind of adding/editing DIDs, extensions, call flows, and voicemails to your call tracking system is often an uphill battle. Lack of integration, inadequate features, expensive maintenance, and legacy hardware regularly impair our clients’ ability to deliver a seamless caller experience.

The Car Wars Cloud Phone System shifts dealers’ phone systems from being a headache to being something that supports proper phone lead management and excellent customer service. Here’s why the Car Wars Cloud Phone System is the optimal solution to dealers’ phone system woes:

1 Text Alerts Open in the Communication Dashboard

Incoming text alerts will now include a link to the conversation within the Communication Dashboard, showing any texts with the customer across multiple lines, inbound and outbound calls with that customer, and notes from the team. Get the whole picture of a conversation with a customer as you answer incoming texts.

Don’t have your lines text enabled? You could be missing out on customer texts directly to your Car Wars lines. Click here to learn more about texting and talk with our team.

Communication dashboard on mobile

2 Get Assistance From a Teammate with @ Tags

Tag a co-worker with an @ tag (like @John Smith) in the Communication Dashboard to populate a text or desktop notification to him or her with a link to the conversation. Use the feature to get an assist with a customer or draw attention to a missed opportunity.

@ tag example

Here’s some scenarios we see dealers using @ tags:

  • A manager sees an unanswered text from a prospect looking to visit the dealership and @ tags the lead owner to ensure proper follow up.
  • A salesperson needs help with an upset customer and @ tags a manager. He’s notified through a text alert and able to join the live conversation through the Communication Dashboard.
  • A sales team member needs quick assistance with pricing for potential buyer on the phone coming from out of state. He notifies a manager with the @ tag who receives a desktop notification and jumps on the Communication Dashboard to coach the live call.
  • A Service BDC agent needs to reach an advisor for a status update on the caller’s vehicle, but the advisor isn’t at his desk. The BDC agent posts a note @ tagging the advisor. The advisor gets a text alert and can jump into the conversation or send a text directly to the customer.


Both Communication Dashboard updates are available to accounts with the Communication Dashboard.

Interested in learning more about the Communication Dashboard? The the Communication Dashboard also allows you to:

  • Join, listen, or coach LIVE phone calls as they’re happening
  • Click directly into a customer record in CRM as an inbound calls rings in
  • See relevant customer information pulled from CRM and DMS

Check out an interactive demo here!

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