Three Reasons Dealers Are Pairing Car Wars Call Tracking with Our Cloud Phone System

December 24, 2020

Our focus at Car Wars is to help dealers Own the Phone: to build the right phone processes at their dealerships that ensure proper handling of every phone up, lead to the best possible CSI score, and create a culture of phone accountability with staff. Unfortunately, callers with a negative experience are 74% more likely to choose another company to do business with. For the last decade, we have observed that our clients’ phone processes are held hostage by the last leg of the call — their phone system.

Laptop and phone with Cloud Phone System

The grind of adding/editing DIDs, extensions, call flows, and voicemails to your call tracking system is often an uphill battle. Lack of integration, inadequate features, expensive maintenance, and legacy hardware regularly impair our clients’ ability to deliver a seamless caller experience.

The Car Wars Cloud Phone System shifts dealers’ phone systems from being a headache to being something that supports proper phone lead management and excellent customer service. Here’s why the Car Wars Cloud Phone System is the optimal solution to dealers’ phone system woes:

1 Capture every call, no matter what.

For proper phone lead management, every call should be captured and every sales opportunity should be logged in CRM. If you have tracking lines for most major sources and have implemented outbound click to call at your dealership, you’re probably capturing most opportunities… but there could still be gaps in your process.

By using the Car Wars Cloud Phone System, every call is captured, tracked, recorded, and reviewed for opportunities, with opportunity calls logged in CRM and assigned to the individual who handled it whether the call takes place on a tracking line or not. Likewise, every outbound call is captured, whether agents just pick up the phone and dial or use click to call.

2 White Glove Installation from a team that understands automotive AND the phones.

Our White Glove Installation is overseen by telephony experts that understand both the technical requirements of installing a phone system and best practices in automotive phone processes.

Overwhelmed by the prospect of tracking down the information required to make a change? We facilitate obtaining and submitting all of the nuanced details such as user and extension worksheets, porting documentation, call flow creation, and sound clips.

Want an easy button for setting up the hardware? Our White Glove Installation service provides on-site support to plug in and test all devices and provide additional end-user and administrative training.

3 Utilize advanced features to connect callers more quickly.

One of the tenets of phone success we preach at Car Wars is connecting customers to someone who can help (and doing so quickly). We know dealers are losing the majority of their hottest leads within the first 15 seconds of each phone call due to poor phone routing. Our Cloud Phone System includes advanced features to improve the connection rate. Here’s a look at some of the features we’ve implemented at dealerships to serve that purpose:

  • Simultaneous mobile app call delivery: Calls can ring to multiple devices, whether it’s a physical phone, tablet, cell phone, or softphone.
  • Unlimited call queuing: Call Queues are superior to ring groups. They deliver callers to the next available staff member. If all staff are busy, recordings or announcements are played rather than leaving a caller to endless ringing or ending up in voicemail.
  • Simple scalability: Increasing capacity, adding extensions, and changing routing can be done quickly through a simple administrative web portal.
  • Easy-access voicemail: Be quickly alerted to and access customer voicemails from your mobile device.
  • Hold your place in line: Do you have hold-time challenges in your Parts or Service departments? With this feature, callers are able to “hold their place in line” and receive a call back from the next available staff member, preventing them from having to actually wait on the phone.


Thinking about replacing your outdated phone system with a reliable and flexible cloud-based solution? Learn more about the Car Wars Cloud Phone System here.

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