New Campaign Dialer in the Communication Dashboard

September 3, 2021

Ever pass out a printed spreadsheet of customers that need to be called to your team? Making sure those customers are actually called is a challenge of itself, let alone tracking the progress of the calls on that list.

The new Campaign Dialer functionality in the Communication Dashboard enables your team to create calling lists, assign those lists to agents, efficiently place calls from the Communication Dashboard, and report on campaign progress.

Here’s a quick look at how the Campaign Dialer functionality works:

Creating and Assigning a Campaign

Creating and editing campaigns is not available for Agent Level users.

Editing campaign in Car Wars

  • From the Communication Dashboard, you’ll click Campaigns and the + sign to add a new campaign. From here, you’ll be able to upload a list of recalls, leases coming up soon, overdue services or any list in need of outbound calls.
  • You’ll be able to include up to 10 columns of data to assist your team as they work through the calls.
  • Once the Campaign is created you can assign it to specific team members, prioritize them in order of importance, and add contacts to them as lists update.
  • If you need to add additional contacts, upload a new list of the same format to an existing campaign. When this is done, duplicate contacts will be updated with the most recently uploaded information along with new contacts added.

Making Calls from the Campaign Dialer

Making calls from campaign dialer

  • Once assigned a campaign, users will see a new dropdown on the right side of the Communication Dashboard where they can select any assigned campaigns to start calling on.
  • Campaigns will be listed in priority order and show how many contacts are remaining in each list.
  • Once a user selects a campaign, the next contact to be called will automatically populate in the dialer. Additionally, the conversation will load with a full communication history and the data you uploaded with the campaign.
  • Users can:
    • Open in CRM to view additional details about the customer
    • Click the green button to call
    • Click the blue button to skip this contact and move to the next one
    • Click the red X to remove the contact from the list (with a reason required)
  • A warning will appear in the dialer if this person has already been contacted by anyone at the dealership that day to avoid double calling a customer.
  • Customers reached with a live conversation will be automatically removed from the campaign.
  • As users call, a progress bar will keep track of how many contacts are remaining.

Campaign Reporting

Campaign reporting

  • Managers will be able to view the progress of a campaign on the Campaigns page.
  • Reporting will show the number of customer contacts that were uploaded, called, reached with a live conversation, removed, and remaining for a campaign.

This feature is included for all accounts with the Communication Dashboard. Learn more about viewing and handling live inbound and outbound calls and texts through the Communication Dashboard.

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