Outbound Voicemail Transcriptions

October 30, 2019

Car Wars is excited to announce Outbound Voicemail Transcriptions.

With Outbound Voicemail Transcriptions turned on, voicemails left by agents on outbound calls will be transcribed and displayed in the call details.

We get that you’re busy as a dealership manager and don’t always have the time to listen to outbound calls. Having these calls transcribed gives you a better way of seeing how your staff is handling those follow-up calls without having to listen to each one.

Outbound voicemail transcriptions on Car Wars platform

By being able to quickly read a voicemail transcription, this new feature gives insight into the types of outbound calls your staff is placing to ensure they’re placing proper follow-up calls to customers.

Outbound Voicemail Transcriptions are available as an add-on feature to any accounts tracking outbound calls with outbound reviews. Give us a call at 866-853-1972 to get it set up!

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