How can Car Wars help you salvage Missed Opportunities?


Total # of Sales Opportunity Calls (Phone Ups) Info Estimate the number of Sales Opportunities (or "Phone Ups") your dealership gets each month.
Inbound Connection Rate Info Car Wars defines a Connection when the caller reaches someone who can help them. If you're not sure about the Connection Rate at your dealership, the average is 66%.
Total Phone Ups that did not connect
Appointment Request Rate Info Car Wars defines Appointment Request rate as how often an appointment to visit the dealership is discussed on a phone up, whether the agent made the request or the customer brought it up first. If you're not sure of your dealership's request rate, the average is 61%.
Total # of Missed Appt Opps - No Appt Request
Total # of Pursuable Appt Opps
Average Gross Profit per Unit
Total Pursuable Gross Profit
$ 98,052.12
Money lost due to inefficient phone processes
Average Conversion Rate - Phone Leads
34 %
Estimated ROI Potential

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