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Call Claim ensures every call has an owner by requiring phone code entry before speaking with inbound phone leads.
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When sales agents enter their 4-digit phone codes, your dealership will start booking more appointments, see an increase in accountability and start Owning the Phone.

Book More Appointments

Sales agents who use a phone code perform better. It's because their name is associated with an important sales lead and they feel personally accountable.

Call Claim means better phone performance and more appointments.

test Easy CRM Phone Management

Dealerships who manage phone leads in CRM see increased appointments, show rates and units sold.

Call Claim makes it easier than ever to manage phone leads in CRM with instant agent call attribution and reduced lead duplication.

Own the Phone in Car Wars

Only Car Wars can truly help your dealership Own the Phone.

Call Claim gives managers clear insight on who is handling inbound phone leads and how well they perform. Never let an expensive phone lead slip through the cracks.

"Call Claim gives me instant clarity on staff performance and seamless CRM integration. It's an added bonus that phone performance goes up with Call Claim"

-Travis Holt, ABC Nissan, Managing Partner

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