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Car Wars, based in Dallas, Texas, is the premier call tracking provider for more than 15,000 automotive dealerships and 7 out of 10 of the largest groups in the country. We help dealerships Own the Phone.

We track and record every inbound and outbound call and then have our team of 90,000+ human reviewers tell you what happens on every call at the dealership. The platform provides insight into how every call is handled, alerts dealers when a missed opportunity needs attention and helps stores improve phone performance.

Dealers turn to Car Wars when they're overwhelmed by the phone. Car Wars builds a thriving phone culture centered around accountability and converts more phone calls into appointments by:

  • Providing human reviews for every inbound and outbound call.
  • Alerting you when an appointment opportunity isn't handled properly (or booked).
  • Showing complete visibility into staff performance on the phones.
  • Offering seamless CRM integration.
  • Telling dealerships which lead sources are delivering true appointment opportunities.
  • Driving staff accountability with outbound click-to-call.

Car Wars users are motivated to capture more sales opportunities to sell more units.

To learn more about what Car War's complete call tracking solution includes click here.

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