Car Wars Sales
Drive revenue and improve staff phone performance forward
with AI-powered analytics.
The quickest and easiest way for you to see an immediate boost in sales is for your agents to get better on the phone.
Car Wars records and analyzes every inbound and outbound call at your dealership. Leveraging human reviews and artificial intelligence, we tell you how each one was handled, alert you when a call needs attention and actively improve phone performance.
Never lose
a lead
Improve booking performance
Enhance show and close rates
Being top-notch on the phone shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming. Car Wars does the work for you.
Car Wars uses competition and accountability metrics, alongside live call data, to create a high powered phone culture. The result? More phone calls converted into booked appointments.
Measure performance with simple, effective CRISP metrics
Simple is best. Reporting based off CRISP: four simple, unique metrics that successfully measure phone performance.
Improve phone performance
As calls ring into your Sales department, agents are presented with relevant customer information, direct links to CRM records and easy-to-read conversation history.
Better manage your agents and drive performance with onsite training and CRISP Certification.
Call Box
Know how every call was handled
Gain insight on every call with agent performance analysis, voice recognition, a simple, written recap and real-time analytics powered by our AI agent, Cari.
Call Recap
Increase phone accountability
Click to call and outbound performance data allows you to easily pursue your best leads with true accountability.
Phone Activity
Optimize your marketing budget around your best phone leads
Make smarter marketing decisions and spend more of your budget on channels that yield appointment opportunities.
Tracking Lines
CRM Integrations
Using the Car War reporting, we created a scoring system based off of Outbound Call Activity and User Engagement. This has not only driven outbound calling activity across the 7 stores but has also increased manager follow up calls and made listening to inbound calls a major priority. Over the past year, outbound activity across all stores has gone up 60%!
Julie Pizzorni
Area Business Development Manager at Penske Automotive Group
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