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Who has time as a manager on a daily basis to do this type of training? I'd rather have professionals come in and get my team right so they can handle calls.”
Lou Gonzalez
Rice Toyota
CRISP Certification is a sales training program that does the work for you, ensuring your team is great on the phone and getting the most out of Car Wars.
Tailored to your dealership
A dedicated coach executes a proven coaching formula after customizing it to your dealership and your call data.
Tangible results you can track
Managers have access to staff member performance reporting, monthly summaries highlighting coaching and one-on-ones, and overall store performance.
New hire training is anticipated and built into the program.
The Car Wars CRISP program avoids the pitfalls you might face when you bring in an outside trainer or try to take on training yourself. We merge our phone expertise with your unique needs to provide:
Give your agents the tools to drive sales with personalized coaching, role plays and knowledge checks during a one-on-one launch visit.
Continuous Performance Feedback
Provide ongoing feedback with individual CRISP reporting, coach-monitored call activity, and role-plays.
Call Coaching
Hold agents accountable with weekly coached calls and weekly one-on-one training sessions.
New Agent
Bring new employees up to speed with a dedicated monthly webinar training for onboarding new staff and refreshing existing staff.
Customized Program
The program is customized based on your current phone performance, call routing, and processes.
Performance Reporting
Managers have access to individual agent reporting, monthly manager updates, and overall store performance reports.
I call it ‘the aftercoach’...a lot of companies can come in and provide training for a day, but then they leave. The beauty of [CRISP Certification] is that they never leave. And not only do they not leave; if they don't hear from you, they're reaching out.”
Tammy Darvish
Tammy Darvish
President, Leader Automotive Group & U.S. Operations Auto-Canada
Leader Auto Testimonial
CRISP Certification Video Courses Now Available
CRISP Certification Case Study
Handling Price Questions at Your Dealership
Speak with one of our coaches to review your current call data and explore if CRISP Certification fits your dealership.

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