"Those 4 metrics of CRISP are really, really relevant. It all starts with a Connection."

Michael Speigl Managing Partner

Tampa Honda has long been a Car Wars power-house, with a strong hunger to maximize the phone's potential. These guys were born to compete in a phone skills competition like Grudge Match II.

Managing partner Michael Speigl told us that he loved the competition aspect of Car Wars because it mirrored the true nature of the automotive industry. He added that the gamification of the product made it more enjoyable for his sales staff as well.

Ahead of Grudge Match II, Speigl worked with a Car Wars Coach on sharpening his team's phone-handling. They looked at each aspect of CRISP, a group of metrics focused on Connecting calls, Requesting and Inviting callers, Setting appointments, and Pursuing opportunities.

Speigl told us, "Those 4 metrics of CRISP are really, really relevant. It all starts with a Connection."

The sales guys at Tampa Honda showed true promise in round 1 of Grudge Match II. Their most impressive efforts were made in the Request, Set and Pursue areas.

Before Grudge Match II, the team was Requesting appointments on half of incoming calls. However, by the end of round 1 they were asking for the appointment on 64% of calls. Speigl and his team saw a 14% improvement on their appointment request numbers, in just one week!

Out of 20 appointment requests a week before Grudge Match II, the Tampa Honda team was able to Set 10 firm appointments. One week into the competition, they drove this number up to 37 requests and Set 6 additional firm appointments.

If we assume about half of prospects show up for their appointments, that means about 3 more sales opportunities walked into Tampa Honda that week alone. Maintaining this kind of improvement means 150 more sales opportunities a year!

Tampa Honda's BDC director, Stevie Burnam, explained that her outbound call agents showed spirit as well. There were many cases where agents could've easily passed calls onto the sales team. However, they chose to stick it out and handle difficult customer interactions themselves.

"Our guys did awesome," Burnam says. "That week, everybody was very eager. They were asking for the appointment on every single call."

Tampa Honda's skill at handling the phone would have seen them go deeper into Grudge Match II had they not faced eventual winners South Dade Toyota in the 1st round. It's clear that this year's loss won't impact the tenacity of Spiegel and his crew, whatsoever.

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