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With AI, Car Wars can predict your callers’ needs, and prep agents with everything needed to properly handle each call.

Individual Agent Lines

Seamless connections, zero hassle with individual agent lines that streamline customer interactions.

Outbound Click To Call

Boost accountability, track agent performance, and gain valuable insights with calls directly logged in CRM.

Carrier Registration

Authenticate your outbound calls, ensuring they reach customers without the spam struggle.

CRM Lead Assignment

Ensure every sales call gets automatically assigned in CRM through agent voice recognition and seamless integrations with every major CRM provider.

Communication Dashboard

Your all-in-one hub for seamless customer interactions. Get access to real-time caller insights, CRM click through and call and text history while managers coach live calls.

Intelligent Routing

Smart routing for superior experiences. Ensure optimal connections by considering previous conversations and agent performance metrics.

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Ensure you’re handling every opportunity with expertise and salvage any that were missed.

Missed Opportunity Alerts

Instantly receive text/email notifications for unconnected or unbooked calls. Don’t let hot leads slip away! Act fast with key customer details, CRM links, and one-click call-back options.

Caller Sentiment Detection

Analyzing tone, cadence, and volume, the AI Driven Caller Sentiment Detection alerts managers to potential dissatisfaction, enabling swift response to salvage opportunities.


Track and manage all text messages in one place and receive alerts for unclaimed messages and late responses. Get high-level reporting on what’s taking place in your text conversations.

Call Tags

Get alerts on specific topics from calls, such as specific makes on models.

Sensitive Information Removal

Guard against privacy breaches! With audio removal and prevention of storage, protect your customers and dealership from legal liabilities.

Keyword Search and Detection

Boost strategy precision with the help of AI. Filter through transcribed calls, prospects seeking specific vehicles, appointment times and more.

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Know what happened on every call with CRISP reporting, agent performance analysis, and more.

Performance Reporting

Track strengths, weaknesses, and detailed phone handling by agent and location. Identify improvements, instill accountability, and uncover training opportunities for enhanced performance.

Voice Recognition

Revolutionize lead management with Voice Recognition. Car Wars’s AI identifies each agent’s voice, automating CRM lead assignment without the need for codes.

DNI Website Call Tracking

Understand deep marketing attribution for your digital campaigns, tying actual opportunities, not just call counts, to ads, campaigns, and keywords.

Mystery Shop Scorecard

Receive store-level and roll-up reporting on phone skills or topics you’re looking for on each call. Analyze EVERY call, not just a tiny sample size per month.

Conversational Transcriptions

Powered by artificial intelligence, calls are transcribed and dropped into call details in an easy-to-read, conversational format.

Call Recaps

Human-reviewed summaries provide quick insights into customer calls, including reasons for calling, specific inventory interests, appointment details, and pricing discussions.

Regain potential by salvaging missed opportunities

Car Wars helps dealers uncover and resolve leaks in their phone processes to convert more phone ups. Input your metrics to uncover untapped revenue potential.

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