The Ultimate Dealer's Guide to Understanding the Value of the Phone
In a world of ever-changing and evolving technology, the phone remains a consistent and essential tool to leverage at your dealership. Are you making the most of your phone opportunities by tracking and analyzing every customer call? Every time the phone rings, there's an opportunity to boost your bottom line. Without evaluating your inbound phone calls and properly attributing them, you could be missing out on significant revenue opportunities.

Money is calling... is your dealership answering? How much does your dealership spend to get the phone to ring?

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doneFree resources to help you put a dollar amount on every phone call
doneHow to gain insight into your customers' behavior and how it impacts your bottom line
doneProven KPIs to ensure you are capitalizing on every Sales and Service opportunity
doneA peek into a top dealer's marketing spend and how call tracking impacts their ROI
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Managing the phones shouldn't be complicated or time consuming. Car Wars leverages human reviews, artificial intelligence and CRISP metrics to equip Sales and Service departments with everything they need to Own The Phone.