5 Ways to Convert More Calls to Viable Leads
September 8, 2023

Every incoming call represents a Sales or Service opportunity brimming with potential. Car Wars wants to help your dealership capitalize on every time the phone rings to convert the caller from a prospect to a sale. Your dealership holds the key to transforming these moments into substantial conversions, turning curious prospects into enthusiastic buyers.

Here are the 5 ways to convert more callers:

Pursue Stranded Callers

Every phone call is an opportunity. If the customer left a voicemail, they are interested in hearing from you. We recommend utilizing Car Wars’ Missed Opportunity Alerts. Car Wars immediately notifies you and your team of Sales or Service leads that need attention, so you can proactively follow up with customers and salvage deals. Whether the caller hung up on hold, left a message with a receptionist, or simply didn’t firm up an appointment time, it’s your job to follow up.

Implement a Phone Bridge

The faster a caller connects to someone who can help, the better the chance they do business with you. The easiest way to do this is by implementing a bridge. A bridge, sometimes called a phone tree or IVR, is the simple, friendly, recorded greeting you often hear when calling a business. For example, “Dial ‘1’ for Service, ‘2’ for Sales, and ‘3’ for Parts.” This tool is essential to ensure callers are quickly connected to a qualified agent – someone who can actually help the caller.

Set Firm Appointments

Remember, the first part of selling a car is selling the appointment. Every single call with a prospect should result in a requested appointment. If a prospect is calling you, he or she is interested in potentially buying a car or servicing a vehicle. Regardless of whether you think callers will or will not choose your dealership, give him or her the option to come into the dealership and see what you have to offer.

Utilize Car Wars’ CRISP Metrics to Track Employee Growth and Effectiveness on the Phone

CRISP is a simple but effective philosophy Car Wars created that includes all the essential elements of a successful phone regimen. To hold agents accountable to uphold the standards of phone handling, we created CRISP Certification. This program is a virtual phone skills training program that ensures salespeople are trained and certified to effectively handle customer inquiries. To ensure your agents are converting calls, it is essential to ensure they are handling calls properly. Learn more about our CRISP Certification HERE.

Leveraging the Most Convenient Method of Communication

To ensure you are connecting with your customers efficiently and effectively, utilize their preferred method of communication. If the customer prefers texting, text them instead of calling. If they want a video of the car, provide it. If they want an email they can forward to a family member, send that.

The phone continues to be an essential asset for your dealership, and capitalizing on those opportunities is essential to bringing in new customers.

Interested in learning more about our CRISP acronym to Own the Phone? Check out our FREE quiz HERE.