Is the Customer Logged in VIN? | New Integration Features with VinSolutions

The Car Wars and VinSolutions Connect CRM integration now displays customer name and lead status on Car Wars Call Details and links directly into the customer's record within your VinSolutions dashboard.

If there's no active lead for the opportunity, you'll see an alert on call details, and again be able to click directly into VinSolutions to create the record and rescue the lead. A sales opportunity not logged in CRM is a lost lead, so making sure to log these leads is pivotal to ensuring the customer receives proper follow-up!

We recommend setting up a daily report of Inventory Calls to see a list of recent opportunity calls each morning.

Customer information also pulls from VinSolutions into the Car Wars' Communication Dashboard, providing agents caller details and history in front of them as they pick up live phone calls. This allows agents handling the phones to greet customers by name and be prepared with information on their sales or service status or appointments.

In addition to the customer status update, Call Recaps, Voicemail Transcriptions, and the agent who handled the call to VinSolutions is passed alongside inbound sales calls. These updates make lead assignment faster and let you see quick details for calls without leaving CRM.

To see these updates reflected in your account, request through Car Wars Support at 214-446-7867 or