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AI-powered analytics
Own the Phone with powerful insight.
Car Wars tracks, records and listens to every inbound and outbound call for your service department. We help service departments provide an optimal customer service experience, book more repair orders, and gain actionable insight to improve staff performance.
connected callers
CSI score
Increased booked appointments
The quickest, most effective way to capture more ROs is by getting better on the phone.
Car Wars uses competition and accountability metrics, alongside live call data, to create a high powered phone culture. The result? Customers helped faster and more phone calls converted into booked appointments.
Improve phone performance
As calls ring in, agents are presented with relevant customer information, direct links to CRM records and easy-to-read conversation history. A DMS data dip provides agents with caller's name and next Service appointment or open RO status.
Call Box
Drive phone accountability
Easy-to-digest team reporting shows how each staff member is performing on the phone, highlighting gaps and areas for improvement.
Drive Phone Accountability
Salvage Missed Opportunities
Get missed Opportunity Alerts for every appointment opportunity not booked so you can salvage more repair orders, boost CSI scores and save time.
Missed Opportunities
Connect more callers
Quickly get your callers to someone who can help. From busy signals to long holds, connection rate reports show you where customers and potential profits may be slipping through the cracks.
Connect More Callers
Know quickly what happened on every call
Quickly access valuable call data, call recaps, and voicemail transcription powered by Cari.
Call Recap
I originally wanted Car Wars Service because it could provide excellent data for training and coaching purposes. It makes a managers' jobs a whole lot more efficient. Then you add the ability to salvage missed revenue opportunities and it's a no-brainer.”
Allison Drew
Training and Development Specialist, Park Place
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