NEW CRISP QUARTERLY: Find out how dealers are doing more with less
Equip your staff with CRISP phone skills training for today's internet buyer so you get more phone ups that show up.
CRISP Certification ensures new hires and veterans are trained, certified, and confident phone experts, and managers have a simple reliable process to drive results and hold people accountable.
New hire training is anticipated and built into the program.
Tailored to your dealership
On-going coaching and accountability is based on your call data and tasks in CRM and customized for your dealership.
Tangible results you can track
Training is based on your dealership's calls and CRM data and linked to clear before and after benchmarks.
The Car Wars CRISP Certification program avoids the pitfalls you might face when you bring in an outside trainer or try to take training on yourself. We merge our phone expertise with your unique needs and provide:
Give your agents the tools to drive sales with personalized coaching, role plays and knowledge checks during a one-on-one launch visit.
Continuous Performance Feedback
Provide ongoing feedback with personal scorecards, performance alerts, and manager updates.
Call Coaching
Hold agents accountable and ensure they're CRISP on every call with coached calls and role plays.
New Agent
Bring new employees quickly up to speed with phone training webinars and coaching.
Customized Program
Design is customized based on your current phone performance, call routing, and processes.
Performance Reporting
Monitor agents' booking and outbound performance within Car Wars. When an agent's CRISP scores fall, Car Was will proactively reach out for recertification training.
This is a tremendous tool because a majority of what we do is communication with customers, whether by email, text messages or phone calls. The service helps us gauge which employees are doing the work and which aren't so we can better coach, train and manage. Our team knows what the CRISP Certification program is all about; they know what's expected of them, and we use it as a tool to compensate them with bonuses.”
Tony Tran
General Sales Manager, Priority Toyota
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Speak with one of our coaches to review your current call data and explore if CRISP Certification fits your dealership.

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